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SMMPTA Financial Calendar

DO NOT IGNORE ANY TAX FORMS OR NOTICES RECEIVED FROM THE IRS.  Non-profit organizations may not pay taxes, but they do pay fines for not following the rules and regulations. You could even lose your tax-exempt status.  Need help? Council is happy to help

DUE DATES:.  Whenever possible, due dates coincide with the PTA Council’s General monthly meeting. Units can turn in reports and monies to council by sending them to the meeting with their presidents.
MONEY: Send all remittances with the attached Remittance Form to the Council Financial Secretary.  Make checks payable to Santa Monica-Malibu PTA Council.

Diana Oliver

REPORTS: Send all reports such as monthly and annual reports to the Council Treasurer.

Kate Winegar
AUDITS: Send 2 copies of each audit report to the Council Auditor.

Megan Histand
The Council Financial Team is here to help you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance. Non-profit organizations may not pay taxes, but they do pay fines for not following the rules and regulations.

August 30 Send 2 copies of the year-end (June 30) audit to the Council Auditor.

2 copies of your last year's tax return ( federal and state, which should have been filed 7/15) should be sent to the Council Treasurer.

Send 2 copies of current PTA budget to Council Treasurer.

September 13 SMMPTA Council Financial Workshop

20 Membership Dues (minimum 30 to qualify for Ready Set...Remit Award)

Treasurer's Reports (June, July & August)

Unit Year-End Audits

Copy of Budget

October 18 Membership Dues turn-in (minimum 15 members to remain in good standing)

Treasurer's Report (September)

Annual Financial Report (July 2015 - June 2016)

Youth Camps Donation

November 15 Membership Dues

Treasurer's Report (October)


Liability insurance premiums Due $221/unit

December 20 Membership Dues

Treasurer's Report (November)

Unit Tax Returns and RRF1-copies

Sacramento Safari reservations and payments due

Worker’s Compensation Report; 2 copies (form available from your unit president or Council Treasurer). You must file this report even if you made no payments for the period. 

January 24 Membership Dues

Treasurer's Report (December)

Unit Mid-Year Audits (July - December)

Founders Day Donation

February 21 Membership Dues to qualify for recognition at CAPTA Convention

Treasurer's Report (January)

April 18 Final Membership to qualify for CAPTA year-end awards

Treasurer's Reports (February and March)

May 30 Membership Dues

Treasurer's Report (April)

June 30 Membership Dues (Complete before closing your books for the school year-end audit)

Treasurer's Report (May)

July 15 Close books for 6/30

Prepare annual report for 7/1/2016 - 6/30/2017

Audit 1/1/2017 - 6/30/2017

Prepare taxes for annual period ending 6/30/2017

Change bank signatories for newly elected PTA board members